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i felt like it connected me to you

So… Live for me too, Nine.

Goodbye, Nine. I’m going on ahead.” 

akirai week: day five » reunion
"perhaps my feelings for kuriyama-san got through to her. thus she and i were reunited. if that had been the extent of our relationship, it’d probably be impossible for stories to exist in this world of ours.”


L E L O U C H   L A M P E R O U G E
09/15 - Happy Sixteenth Birthday! watashi-akuma // I love you! ♥-♥


"i still remember it — the day i first met you"


Uh, well… Haru, you see, I was young and reckless and even worse than now at all that ‘hiding my big gay crush’ stuff, so basically there is nobody I’ve ever talked to that doesn’t know everything about you

I think I’ve found a happy rinharu song zamezuka!

latch by kodaline (haru’s pov during e12 of s1)

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down,
You, you enchant me even when you’re not around,
If there, there are boundaries,
I will try to knock them down,
I’m latching on babe,
Now I know what I have found,
I feel we’re close enough,
I wanna lock in your love,
I feel we’re close enough,
I wanna lock in your love, your love,

Now I’ve got you in my space,
I won’t let go of you,
You got me shackled in my embrace,
I’m latching on to you

Hi! Cute OTP you have there but have they ▷


  • carried each other bridal style because they randomly remembered a bet they made about their height difference like 4 fucking years ago?
  • do they strip down to their swimsuits while doing said thing?
  • have referred to each other as my shining or my joy
  • have transferred…


Art by TNT
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<b> *what I should be thinking about*:</b> school<p><b>*what I'm thinking about*:</b> hot and trashy anime characters<p>
<b> Rin:</b> G'day mate! Sorry for rocking up to your house so early. No time to chinwag, pack your bags. We're going to Oz!<p><b>Haru:</b> <p><b>Haru:</b> <p><b>Haru:</b> ...nani<p>
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